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Honey mini vest -af overskuds stof

Honey mini vest -af overskuds stof

kr 499,00Pris

Honey MINI Quilted Suzani Vest is a cute vest decorated with bold and bright suzani ‘heart’ embroidery. The vest has two front pockets, that also are decorated with the suzani ‘heart’ embroidery. The vest is open at front and can be closed by the three sets of bows at the front. All edges are covered with matching cotton tapes and the vest is fully lined with striped cotton lining.

This Suzani item is not only full of beautiful artwork patterns – the embroidery is also made by hand. The Suzani embroidery is made by Indian artisans, using the tambour to create a unique and vivid Suzani embroidery pattern. The name “Suzani” comes from the Persian word "su-zan," meaning needle. The Indian artisans use a hooked needle instrument called a tambour to create the intricate chain stitching that is the hallmark of Suzani embroidery. When buying our Suzani embroidered styles, you are supporting local artisans and traditional Indian handcraft.


1 - 2 years:

  • Full length: 34.5 cm
  • Chest: 68 cm

3 - 4 years:

  • Full length: 37 cm
  • Chest: 72 cm

5 - 6 years:

  • Full length: 39.5 cm
  • Chest: 76 cm

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