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Nordic tales lampe - Bright Barocco

Nordic tales lampe - Bright Barocco

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The Barocco project explores the process of solidification and debates how we perceive solidity and liquidity.

Not much different from an icicle, formed by weather conditions and gravity, the Barocco pendant is created by blowing air and a shift in temperature.

The Bright Barocco lamps seek to preserve the link to their original liquid form, by appearing to be frozen in the middle of the process.

Barocco, which originally meant a pearl of irregular shape, is perfectly imperfect, since it is rich in variation and has the same quality you find in wood, which also varies and contributes with uniqueness to a uniform design.

All Bright Barocco pendants are uniquely customized by a glassblower and come, with a certificate and a personal signature from the glassblower.


Size: Ø 200 millimeter

Cord length: 3 meter

Wire length: 2 meter

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